For a common sense approach I have decided to only list the working flashcards, if you would like to see what flashcards are blocked and at what updates go to the ‘3DS firmware list’ and click the firmware relative to you.

Currently working

What are flashcards?

Flashcards are DS modified cartridges that enable you to load various homebrew games and ds game roms through a microsd card, they enable various new abilities you wouldn’t otherwise have and are a must-have for all DS/3DS owners.

Can flashcards play 3DS games?

Sadly no, currently there are no flashcards that are capable  although there is a hybrid card known as the ‘Ace3DS Pro’ which can switch from a normal flashcard to a 3DS game. But you cannot run 3DS roms on any flash cards, if you want the latest news on the hacking/exploiting of the 3DS go here and if you’re feeling generous donate to the decapping fund, which will bring us alot closer to 3ds roms.

3DS just updated their firmware, how do I update my flashcard?

Well that all depends on a few factors, first you should check this sites latest firmware news and see if an update is actually needed, as well as checking the official site of your flashcard(Although they tend to be late at updating their sites).
Once you have found you require an update you can do one of two things.

  • If you own any other DS system, or have access to one you can simply update your 3DS and enjoy the latest update goodies, then get the updated firmware files from the official site of your R4 and put them on your R4, insert the flashcard into another DS, and run the flashcard firmware update you added. It should now be good to go on your 3DS(Assuming the updated firmware covers the latest 3DS update)
  • Don’t update to the latest firmware, repeat the steps above describing getting the R4 card you own’s firmware update on your flashcard, run the flashcard and then the firmware update and then you are good to update, update your system and enjoy your R4 card!

The new firmware update, According to this site, blocked my flashcard, what can I do?

Well first of all don’t panic, you have a choice to make.

  • Don’t update, if you can live without various Nintendo features  that require updating, such as the eShop, then simply don’t update your system until the firmware comes out for your flashcard (If they update the firmware) (Don’t update unless you have access to another DS you can update the firmware with!!)
  • Update and wait for a firmware update for your card, please note that there may never be one depending on what you own, make sure to read the latest news on your flashcard and check this blog
  • If you own another DS you can update without worry, as you can play your games on that DS as well as when the new firmware gets released you can update it on that

What not to do: Don’t update your 3DS firmware unless you are sure your card is not blocked/there is firmware updated for your card and you have access to a DS to do the update for you. (But you can update your firmware if you have not updated on your current 3DS.)

Can Nintendo brick my R4 flashcard?

Well to put it bluntly, no they cannot. It is illegal in the US/UK without consent and since they cover regions NTSC and PAL doing it would be stupid as they wouldn’t target certain regions as well as their manuals state that it is illegal but they wont break.
You can read into way more detail about this issue here


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