Make your own 3DS/DSi/DS Cheat database with your flashcard![Video]

Follow the written tutorial here


Cheat Database


This is a cheat database that covers HEAPS of games, if you cant find your own game(s) in this file you can always edit it and add your own, learn more on how to do that here


Download the usercheat.dat file here


Copy the usercheat.dat into the __rpg>cheats folder


  • Insert your R4 into your DS/3DS
  • browse to the game file (the .nds file)
  • Click ‘Y’
  • Click ‘X’ for cheats
  • Enable cheats you want
  • Click ‘X’ to confirm them
  • Run the game with your new cheats

Making your own cheat database for DS cheats


In this post I will be showing you how to make your own cheat database for use on most R4 cards.

Video Tutorial

If you find it hard to do this without a detailed video then you can simply follow the tutorial here:

Video Tutorial post link

Step 1. Downloads

Step 2. Finding game codes

Visit this site and find your game, it will then list all the codes you need/want to use (usually, sometimes you may need to google and find more game codes, but that is up to you)

Step 3. Adding a Game

  • First go to Tools>Get Game ID from rom>Select target rom
  • Go to Code>Add Game>Input the Game id and title
  • Click On your newly added game then Code>Add Folder
  • To add a code to to Code>Add Code
    Then input any name and code you have found and want to utilize, I found final fantasy codes from here

Step 4. Saving and using

  • Save the cheat database file by going to File>Save cheat database
  • Then go to your R4 card, browse to __rpg>cheats> and save the usercheat.dat file there.
  • Run your R4 card on your DS, browse to the game, click ‘Y’ and enable cheats, Be sure to click ‘X’ to confirm them enabled! And you’re done!