Bug Fixes

Before looking at this page to resolve your errors, if you are given an error code go to the Nintendo Site and enter it in for a quick solution.

Basic solutions

  • Restart the system
  • Power off and remove SD card, then reboot
  • Disable SpotPass
  • Disable StreetPass
  • Disable Wifi
  • Clear browser cache/history
  • Check if your license agreement is ‘agreed’ so to speak.
  • Check parental locks
  • Google the problem – It’s always a decent solution to google your issue as in many cases others have gone through the same thing
  • Contact Nintendo Support

Specific Solutions

  • How to update if you are having issues
    If your system won’t let you update or access the update screen we have a simple fix
    ‘Hold L+R+A+Up before powering on (Left Shoulder Button, Right Shoulder Button, A, and Up on the D-pad) this will bring up the system update screen’
    Fix was posted by ‘Tecmanpr’ of ‘gbatemp’, link to full post can be found here

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