3DS Myths

The below list are all things that have been made up for blackhat purposes, if you see them do NOT believe it. Check gbatemp, 3dbrew or my blog for legitimate information.

  • 3DS Emulators – These are possible but have not yet been coded, if you find any on youtube, or on random sites they are all 100% a virus, don’t get sucked it.
  • 3DS flashcard that plays 3DS roms – Not possible at the moment, if you would like to help progress head over to 3Dbrew and donate to the decapping fund, which will bring us alot closer to exploiting the 3DS
  • Cheats/Hacks – There are no cheats/hacks in the 3DS currently, the only ‘cheaters’ you will find in online games are people exploiting flaws in the games
  • Free eShop code generator(s) – No, not possible, nor is there any other way to get free games there usually paid (This is not including survey sites, which are usually legitimate, but look into the site before you dedicate your time to it)
  • Region hack – We cannot currently decrypt everything in a rom so removing any region lock is impossible (It’s software not hardware)
  • Downgrade firmware – Currently there is no way to downgrade firmware, although progress may be made.

3 thoughts on “3DS Myths

  1. Hi, I do not know where to post my question so I am just gonna post it at here. The thing is, I recently bought a 3DS as I heard Pokemon X and Y is going to be released this coming October. My current firmware is not the latest firmware. I want to ask if it is possible for me to not update my 3DS and play the game when it releases. So to simply put, Do I need to update my 3DS firmware in order to play newer 3DS games? Thank you.

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